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Ceramic frit melting kilns

During the last 30 years, PROYING XXI ENGINEERING has developed the technology used in the practical totality of the ceramic frit melting kilns of Spain. A big part of these kilns have been constructed by PROYING XXI ENGINEERING; our clients, when they have been internationalized, have decided to trust in PROYING XXI ENGINEERING, entrusting to us the assembly of his equipments there where they have settled.

Our kilns air / gas are a world reference in the processes of manufacture of ceramic frit, with a true performance in many cases for less than 1.600 Kcal/kg of dried frit. Our series HP kilns guarantee the highest combustion air temperature against usual technologies, saving still 20% kiln energy consumption.

We make kilns that will accomplish with the needs of energy consumption, production and quality of every client, from a few Kg/hour even more than one ton/hour. From an intermittent pilot kiln that it melts a few kilos for operation up to continuous kilns of more than 30 MT/day.

The transport of the mix to melt up to the kiln, it is possible to realize by means our system of pneumatic transport or using big-bags and crane, depending on the needs of our client.

The feeding of our kilns has been improved for years there being reached at present a feeder that guarantees a feeding of powder mix to melt absolutely constant, no matter the external conditions of humidity or temperature.

In technology of combustion, we apply the better adapted technology to the client conditions: oxicombustión or fuel / air. As for the fuel, we can locate burners that work with the available fuel, already it is natural gas or heavy oils or coal gas … etc.

Our equipments are ready to work by fuel pure or doping it with oxygen.

The construction of the refractory one is thought to obtain the best energetic efficiency with the major duration of the used materials. The disposition of the pieces of refractory material they have been thought in order that his replacement is the most comfortable and fast possible.

To obtain an optimal energetic efficiency, we use heat recuperative or regenerative equipments, depending on the requirements of the product to melt and of the needs of the client.

The fritting of the powder mix melted I could be realized by our fritting devices in humid or in dry way, the extraction being realized by means of vibration or for lamination and belt cooling.