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Crematory kiln filter

PROYING XXI ingeniería S.L.U. It is a company that has been designing, manufacturing and installing of equipment for a variety of utilities for over forty years.

We are working in fields as diverse as laboratory equipment, Industrial compressed air, ceramics, industrial refrigeration ... etc.

This experience in different sectors allows us to take all the technologies that are proper to each sector for application in other, thus achieving an optimization of the equipment used because the optimum technology for the purpose for which it is intended is always used.

For some years in Proying we have been working on funeral industry in implementing solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

We have developed the technologies currently employed in kilns on the market, using our own technology for the design and construction of burners and combustion control. It is achieved in this way optimal combustion control thereby maintaining oxygen excess of 6% which indicates the European rules adapting it to each condition and time of cremation.

Our knowledge of furnace refractories and design, allows us to design a postcombustion chambers that guarantee the permanence of the smokes more than 2 seconds, keeping operating temperatures with minimum energy consumption. Our cremation chambers design may have a shorter cremation cycles, allowing the maximum number of daily operations and getting the opportunity to amortize the equipment in minimal time.

Applying our gas with suspended solids filter technology, in PROYING we developed the filters smoke from crematoria. Our filters are designed to fit the needs of each customer by optimizing the space, its location and its cleaning smoke capability.

Our filters are designed for cleaning the fumes of the various kilns, no matter the size, weight or nature of the body.

Our filters have maintenance and consumable material waste projected to be minimal.

We have also our own human staff and material means, permitting us to offer our customers a fast and efficient maintenance service.

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PROYING XXI ha finalizado con éxito la ejecución del proyecto “Desarrollo de una unidad piloto para la obtención de 1MW de aire caliente para el secado del alpeorujo con depuración de gases y partículas en suspensión” cuyo objetivo es la obtención de una corriente de combustión libre de monóxido de carbono y con una concentración inferior a 50 mg/Nm3 de partículas suspendidas. El proyecto se ha llevado a cabo en las instalaciones de COINREF empresa colaboradora, entre Septiembre de 2018 y Septiembre de 2019, con un presupuesto total de 365.832 €, el cual ha sido cofinanciado por CDTI y FEDER