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Who we are

PROYING XXI INGENIERIA, is a Spanish engineering company with more than 30 years’ experience, specialized in design, building and start-up of installations and industrial processes

On every project, our high qualified team selects the optimum technologies and the most suitable components and equipment. PROYING assumes full responsibility on its duty for all the project stage (technical, economical, etc.) up to the end.

PROYING is specifically specialized in project design, building up and start-up of installations in the activity areas related with compressed air, cool storage, frit and glazes, and installations for standard trials for testing fire resistance of building materials according to safety regulations.

From the beginning, more than 35 year ago, PROYING has been at the service of the highly competitive Spanish market for frits and glazes, world leader of well recognised prestige. We are happy by cooperating day by day with our customers, giving solutions that help them to be more competitive. PROYING offers to each customer the possibility to choose the most suitable technology in any working condition.

Moreover, PROYING has developed in other fields of industrial engineering activity (compressed air, cool storage, installations for standard trials for testing fire resistance of building materials according to safety regulations, etc.) by offering original and highly profitable solutions to our customers.

PROYING keeps a strong support in the international market since 20 years ago in all the countries (Europe, America, Africa and Asia) were the industry related to our main activity areas have been developing.

Our technologies have help a leadership position to our customers, given us a privileged position from where been able to offer the best solutions in the diversity of the international market.

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PROYING XXI ha finalizado con éxito la ejecución del proyecto “Desarrollo de una unidad piloto para la obtención de 1MW de aire caliente para el secado del alpeorujo con depuración de gases y partículas en suspensión” cuyo objetivo es la obtención de una corriente de combustión libre de monóxido de carbono y con una concentración inferior a 50 mg/Nm3 de partículas suspendidas. El proyecto se ha llevado a cabo en las instalaciones de COINREF empresa colaboradora, entre Septiembre de 2018 y Septiembre de 2019, con un presupuesto total de 365.832 €, el cual ha sido cofinanciado por CDTI y FEDER