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Industrial Cooling

Our services of industrial cooling are directed both the field of the cold-storage rooms and the water refrigeration for multiple industrial uses. We calculate, design, built and install any process of refrigeration for example cold-storage rooms, tunnels of cooling, automation.

In all our refrigeration cooling equipment we offer the possibility of use in secondary refrigeration circuit CO2 as a refrigerant. We also offer the possibility to adapt existing equipment to work with secondary cooling circuits with CO2 like refrigerating component, achieving energy savings because the needed installed power is ten times less, reaching energy savings up to 30%.

Our principal aim is to satisfy the demand of a quality service that demand our clients, offering them our wide experience and technical preparation. We offer all the equipment and services that a Refrigerating Industry need.

  • WATER COOLERS: Our water coolers are designed to produce cold water in all kinds of applications, being available in a range of refrigerating powers from 3,2kw up to 426kw.

    Our water cooler equipment are designed to be employed at the most unfavorable environmental conditions and constructed to be located in the outdoors. The range of equipment is completed by versions cooled by air and by water, by axial and centrifugal fans, by pump of heat, of double temperature, low noise level, with free-cooling… etc.
  • CALCULATION AND DESIGN: Realized with the most modern tools and always under of our experience criterion, supported by our results, looking for the best relation cost / production and the treatment responsible for our environment.
  • MANUFACTURE: With the best and newest components of the market, and with the most absolute respect to the regulations in force for quality and functioning.
  • INSTALLATION: Realized by qualified professionals, with the aim to put in hands of our clients the most modern and effective tools adapted to his production needs.
  • CE: We include in our works, (by law in the European area) the mark CE.
  • TECHNICAL SERVICE: We have our own technical service, rapid and effective, to prevent customer time and money loses.
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PROYING XXI ha finalizado con éxito la ejecución del proyecto “Desarrollo de una unidad piloto para la obtención de 1MW de aire caliente para el secado del alpeorujo con depuración de gases y partículas en suspensión” cuyo objetivo es la obtención de una corriente de combustión libre de monóxido de carbono y con una concentración inferior a 50 mg/Nm3 de partículas suspendidas. El proyecto se ha llevado a cabo en las instalaciones de COINREF empresa colaboradora, entre Septiembre de 2018 y Septiembre de 2019, con un presupuesto total de 365.832 €, el cual ha sido cofinanciado por CDTI y FEDER