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The combustion equipments of Proying are designed to be adapted to the conditions of every kiln, no matter the type of ambience, the working temperature or the use conditions, PROYING XXI ENGINEERING designs and choose the equipment most adapted for the customer’s use.

We have burners working with the different couples combustible/comburent: with air – gas (doping with oxygen or not), oxygen-gas, with the different types of fuel oil, coal-gas … etc.

Solutions can be selected with single burner or multiburners or intermediate systems … etc., always adapted to the needs of every kiln.

PROYING XXI ENGINEERING develops and applies his own software of combustion control, improving the control to reach a well adapted combustion to the specific needs of every client, allowing also, an optimization of the energy consumption.

PROYING XXI ENGINEERING supplies also the whole system of gas control and all necessary safety systems for a safe functioning in a completely automatic way of combustion equipment.

When gases are used as fuel, his control is masic then, the combustion ratio remains constant independently of the external conditions of temperature and pressure reaching a perfect combustion, saving energy.

In our kilns, the control of temperature is by means of optical devices avoiding the problems produced when we work in a dust ambience (there are a lot of solid particles in high temperature) that he can affect to the conventional devices reading temperature.

The power of our burners goes from 100 kW (86.000 Kcal/h) up to 3.150 kW (2.700.000 Kcal/h) being able to be used air or oxygen like comburent and always adapting the burner to the available fuel.

Our combustion HP (high performance) working in a highest combustion air temperature, saving still a 20% of kiln energy consumption against the other technologies.

With our technology we decide, depending every case, if we use only one burner or several, depending the kiln type and, naturally, on the product to process. No matter if the equipment is monoburner or is multiburners, our exhaustive combustion control is guaranteeing a maximum efficiency in use of the fuel caloric capacity.