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Dry and wet fritting devices

After a long experience in the fritting devices, PROYING XXI ENGINEERING, can offer to his clients solutions of efficacy verified for fast cooling of the frit one when it goes out melted of the kiln.

PROYING XXI ENGINEERING has developed two types different from fritting device:

  • Wet Fritting device
  • Dry Fritting device

Both types of fritting device are compatible with our continuous ceramic frit melting kilns for any hourly production.

The traditional fritting process is by wet way, dropping the jet of melted frit on a vibrant extractor that has a small pool of circulating water (so that the small pool water has a constant temperature). The vibrant extractor is vibrating in two axes and has the adjustable frequencies of vibration, so that we always have a good frit extraction with a minimal dragging of water.

The dry fritting device consists of a very small sized system to cool the frit one and a device to have a final temperature of the frit scales controlled. The advantage of this one method is that finally we obtain dry frit ready to grind or to be a part of compositions of ceramic glaze.