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PROYING XXI ENGINEERING projects and designs the silos that the client needs for the stock of their bulk materials.

Our silos have been projected to have a maximum resistance with a minimal employment of metal, with a structures of support projected with the type of present profiles on the market of the client country. If the client wishes, PROYING XXI ENGINEERING makes the project engineering and supervision of the silos assembly in the place that the client destines, being the execution and erection on the client side.

PROYING XXI ENGINEERING offers the possibility to choice between detachable silos or silos erected in the definitive place by the client under our supervision.

The systems of filling and extraction of the bulk products, are projected by PROYING XXI ENGINEERING bearing in mind the local conditions and the needs of the client.

There can be used systems of mechanical filling (different types of mechanical elevators) or pneumatic filling (systems of pneumatic transport, to move the bulk material directly truck to silo or for the impulsion from a hopper placed on the bottom of the silos up to the top part of the silos) with the corresponding filters and system to extract the air.

The systems of extraction of the silos depend mainly on the type of material that is stocked; according to every material we use the different systems of extraction: vibrant nozzles, air slides, cellular wheels, screws … etc.