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Heat exchangers

PROYING XXI INGENIERÍA S.L.U. has developed heat exchange systems to take advantage of latent heat from combustion fumes. The new heat recovery equipment, designed, engineered and built by Proying represent a clear advance in efficiency over previous generation designs, achieving savings of up to 30% energy compared to more commonly used technologies.

Our metallic double jacket heat exchangers, built with the best refractory steels, are designed to work with dirty smoke to a maximum temperature of 1400 ° C, being designed to have easy cleaning and long life.

In the field of ceramic frits, with our recuperator we are getting combustion air in our frit kilns at a temperature of about 900 ° C which allows us to have a lower energy consumption of less than 1.600 kcal / kg of dry frit.

Our heat recuperator is equipped with all necessary control elements to have an automatic, continuous and “on time” production control of industrial process and combustion.