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Depending on the needs of mixing of every case in particular, Proying XXl engineering, it puts at the disposal of his clients the solution adapted to every problem.

We contribute three types of solutions of mixed:

  • Mixers of trough
    They are interesting when the mixing time neither there is a determinant factor nor is necessary a very intimate mix of the different components; his relation price / production show that this is the solution adapted to mix big quantities of powdery materials.
  • Conical mixers
    It is the equipment adapted to mix intimately materials of very different grain size. This type of mixers is the suitable one when it is a question of obtaining very homogeneous miscellanies with not very high production capacities.
  • Planetary mixers
    This type of mixers offer solutions to intermediate needs of mixing between previous two type of mixers: mainly,we will be able to obtain good mix with a considerable productions.

All our mixers are made by the materials of the maximum quality adapted to the needs of every case, affording to offer an ideal durability of our teams.